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Revv Evolution is Singapore's only

Motoring, Lifestyle and Cultural Online Channel

Launched in April 2014, Revv Evolution started as a spark of a simple idea - a channel that shares information about products, services and events in a casual, relatable and unscripted manner.   Through the use of stories, we expand perspectives to make sense of the world around us and to share that understanding with others.


At Revv Evolution, we love telling stories and take our partner’s stories to the next level with fresh new ideas infused with a whole lot of passion and a whole lot of creativity!  We take these stories and tell them with a different twist on a mix of various social media platforms for different target audiences.


Stories need to be told and nothing quite beats having a friendly face tell a story and share information on the latest happenings in town. And, no one tells a story better than Revv Evolution’s resident host and presenter, Rene Kelvin Anthony, an ex- Radio presenter, a professional producer /presenter, emcee and voice-over talent.

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