5 new collections from Casio to welcome the month of March!

Are you looking out for a new everyday watch? We're excited to share about Casio's latest watch collections for the modern man and woman launching this week and early-March:

1. G-SHOCK MR-G Kachi-Iro (Victory Colour)

Extensively used on Samurai armour and helmets, “Kachi-Iro” – a deep indigo – has long been a symbolic hue for victory in Japan and embodies the spirit of the unrelenting Samurai warrior. The collection includes 3 designs and 2 base models, the MRG-B2000 and MRG-B1000. The MRG-B2000R features a durable fluorine rubber band with a distinctive pattern resembling the one on the Bishamon (god of war or warriors) armour, which is a symbol of strength in Japan since ancient times. It also includes a heat-treated titanium bezel which reveals a unique crystallised finish on its surface, resembling the Nie (visible particles of hardened steel crystals) on the hamon* of Japanese sword blades.

*Created by differential hardening in swordsmithing, the hamon is a hardened portion of the Japanese sword, and commonly runs along the edge of the blade. Swords with hamons are essential to Samurai warriors as it provided the weapon with a sharp, strong edge yet flexible spine. Aesthetically, the hamon is instantly recognisable with its distinctive jagged line on the surface of the blade.

These MR-G Kachi-Iro will be available at the G-SHOCK MBS Premium and ION store from 10 March 2021.