ASUS Announces Availability of the All-New ASUS BR1100 Education Laptop in Singapore



ASUS Windows 10 Pro Education Laptop : Hardware and software

innovations designed for effective distance learning, easier IT management and

core-subject excellence

 Rugged design: All-round rubber bumper, spill- and tamper-resistant keyboard,

integrated safety grip and military-grade toughness

 Storage, Stamina and Smarts: 128 GB eMMC, 10-hour battery life and 4,096-

pressure-level stylus with integrated garage

 Connectivity and Clarity: AI-powered noise-canceling technology, noise-

reducing camera and loads of I/O ports

 Easy Maintenance: Modular construction for straightforward repairs or

component replacement, plus captive screws to prevent falls and frustration

ASUS BR1100 Laptop

25 th June 2021, Singapore — ASUS today announced BR1100 laptop in Singapore, an all-new,