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Casio lover's collection 2020 features minimalist watches with a twist; unveils utility Wavy Marble

SINGAPORE, 9 DECEMBER 2020 — Surprise the one who has your heart this Christmas with CASIO’s limited edition Lover’s Collection 2020 couple watch. The watches are available in pure white with rose motifs that represent everlasting love (LOV-20A-7ADR), and red with a typographic pattern, designed in collaboration with New York-based graffiti artist Curtis Kulig (LOV-20B-4DR).

Accented with rose gold and a rose motif on the central axis of the dial, the white LOV-20A-7ADR encapsulates the theme of pure love. Deliberately positioned in the centre, the rose motif represents the deep emotional connection between the wearers, and only how the world seems to fade away and only they exist in the universe when the two persons are in love. The watch also comes with a specially curated heart-shaped packaging with a rose garland pattern, making it a simple, ready gift.

Couples looking for something more edgy can turn to the LOV-20B-4DR designed in collaboration with New York-based graffiti artist Curtis Kulig. Encapsulating a simple yet heartfelt expression to one’s lover, the watch features a vivid red colour and Kulig’s iconic "Love Me" signature. The words "Love Me" also appear on the display when the EL backlight is turned on. The "Love Me" graphic is also used on the packaging.

Both watch designs have the figures of an angel and devil and the number ‘2020’ printed on the back cover.

Meanwhile, G-SHOCK will also be launching the Utility Wavy Marble Series, inspired by textured marble patterns. While the use of marble textures in design and fashion is not novel, the trend is one to stay. Understatedly luxurious and interesting enough to make a stranger on your morning commute do a double take, this series comes in three different G-SHOCK models and a light beige colour BABY-G, reminiscent of the great outdoors. Using mixed colour resin technology, the resulting marble texture is organic and realistic.

Out of the four models, the GA-2000WM boasts of a Carbon Core Guard structure that increases the watch’s shock-resistance and a large front button design. The model is the most striking out of the bunch with a contrasting matte black bezel against the light beige. Next, the GA-700WM features a large bezel and a bold design. Lastly, the DW-5600WM and BGD-560WM is the iconic square-face G-SHOCK and BABY-G, with an EL backlight. Like all other G-SHOCK models, all four models feature the durable shock-resistance technology and 200-meter water resistance.

Both the Lover's Collection 2020 and Utility Wavy Marble series will be available at all G-SHOCK stores and from 11 December 2020. The BABY-G model (BGD-560WM) will only be available in G-SHOCK stores. Please find here for more information on the products: #RevvEvolution #RevvDrives #casio #technology #style #lifestyle #casiosg #watches #gshock #heartrate #health #fitness #trendy #casio

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