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Casio timepieces to add to your Christmas shopping list!!

t's never too early to start Christmas gift shopping! With a range of G-SHOCK and BABY-G launches, Casio offers a watch for every need (in clockwise order):

  • G-Squad GBD-H1000 – Perfect for the fitness junkie in your life, this smartwatch is equipped with a range of features for a hard-hitting workout:  Heart rate monitor (from a sensor that detects blood flow under the skin); Air pressure and altitude sensor; Temperature sensor; Step counter; Compass; Target alarm settings for time, altitude and calories burned; Smartphone link function to connect to training applications on phone for a seamless workout experience; Training analysis function that tracks the user's training status, fitness level, training load, VO2max, and recovery time The solar-powered watch also utilises power saving technology to preserve its energy between wears by shutting off its display after a certain period in a dim location and offering an airplane mode option.

  • G-SHOCK MR-G Shougeki Maru – With only 400 pieces worldwide and handcrafted by one of Japan's most influential third-gen metal smiths, Masao Kobayashi, the watch is the perfect addition to collectors who appreciate Japanese craftsmanship and the symbolism of a Samurai's toughness and resilience. Design-wise, the watch sports an overall aged feel, achieved using the same finishing technique as on the shougeki-maru and brown and blue layers of ion plating.  You may watch the promotional video of the MR-G Shougeki Maru here. Metal smith Masao Kobayashi is also available to be interviewed on the making of the timepiece. BABY-G Earth Tone Series – Fitted with a solar power system for uninterrupted timekeeping throughout one’s busy work day, the MSG-S500G in Earth Tones is a non-fussy and minimalistic wristwatch for the modern woman. Available universally flattering colours Deep Navy, Olive Green and Dark Brown, the watch also features a metal bezel and resin band for ultimate comfort and easy care.

  • G-SHOCK Frogman Borneo Rainbow Toad – Paying homage to the rare Borneo Rainbow Toad, the latest limited edition Frogman watch features a stainless steel bezel with a rainbow ion plating that delivers a distinctly unique colouring for each piece. Furthermore, the watch is combined with semi-transparent urethane parts that grip the bezel, symbolising the pristine habitat of the rainbow toad. A newly designed frog logo is also engraved as a motif on the back of the watch’s case. 

  • G-SHOCK Circuitboard Camo Series – The Circuitboard Camouflage Series is G-SHOCK's first-ever watch featuring interchangeable bands and bezels in the quintessential, square-faced model, DW-5600.  Fans of the 90s classic shape would be pleased to know that a few features have been added for functionality, style and a more comfortable fit:

  • The watch is the first 5600 series model to incorporate the Carbon Core Guard for maximum shock resistance when dropped.

  • The bezel is secured by using four small hooks made from carbon fiber instead of the conventional screws

  • Includes a slide lever for easier wear and removal

The set comes with three bands and two bezels:


  • Matte green resin with a circuitboard design used in the base 5600 model

  • Matte black resin plain

  • Grey fabric with circuitboard design in a luminescent and reflective finish

  • Bezels

  • Matte green resin with circuitboard design

  • Matte black resin plain

Other watches rolled out in late-Oct and this month that are not pictured above: 

G-SHOCK Skeleton Camo Series – Available in three classic silhouettes (GM-5600, GM- 6900 and GM-110), the Skeleton Camouflage watches come with a sleek and subtle camouflage design laser-cut into its metal bezel and imprinted on its semi-transparent resin band. 

  • G-SHOCK GR-B200RAF Royal Air Force – Impress your favourite aviation enthusiast with this limited edition watch designed in conjunction with the Royal Air Force. This GravityMaster GR-B200 has been built to accommodate the severe environments faced by pilots using a carbon core guard structure. The Quad Sensor system also gives the watch the capability to measure the user's compass bearing, altitude, temperature and acceleration (to track step count). The watch features design elements inspired by aviation, with its buttons resembling a helicopter control stick and colourway similar to the Eurofighter Typhoon.

  • BABY-G Star Dial Series – Wish upon a star this Christmas with Baby-G's latest addition to its classic BGA-150 range of watches. With a delicate shooting star motif on the watch face and a dazzling Swarovski® crystal accent, the Star Dial watches come in three colours – Night Sky Black, Gentle Pastel Pink and Fresh and Clean White – and make the perfect gift for young females who appreciate simplicity with a touch of fun.

Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming watches rolling out in Singapore:

Limited Edition Edifice EFS-560HR Honda Racing

  • Limited Edition Edifice EQB-1100AT / ECB-20AT Alpha Tauri


  • G-SHOCK Full Metal AWM-500

  • G-SHOCK Wildlife Promising African Rock Python MTG & GST-B300

  • G-SHOCK Lover's Collection LOV-20A-7A

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