Casio timepieces to add to your Christmas shopping list!!

t's never too early to start Christmas gift shopping! With a range of G-SHOCK and BABY-G launches, Casio offers a watch for every need (in clockwise order):

  • G-Squad GBD-H1000 – Perfect for the fitness junkie in your life, this smartwatch is equipped with a range of features for a hard-hitting workout:  Heart rate monitor (from a sensor that detects blood flow under the skin); Air pressure and altitude sensor; Temperature sensor; Step counter; Compass; Target alarm settings for time, altitude and calories burned; Smartphone link function to connect to training applications on phone for a seamless workout experience; Training analysis function that tracks the user's training status, fitness level, training load, VO2max, and recovery time The solar-powered watch also utilises power saving technology to preserve its energy between wears by shutting off its display after a certain period in a dim location and offering an airplane mode option.