Casio to release G-SHOCK with interchangeable bezels and bands

Watch Includes Three Types of Bands and Two Bezels

SINGAPORE, 9 NOVEMBER 2020 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will be releasing its Circuit Board Camouflage Series watches on 20 November, Friday. The DWE-5600CC is the first G-SHOCK model to feature freely interchangeable bands and bezels.

The DWE-5600CC is the newest model of the 5600 series, inheriting the epic square shape of the first G-SHOCK model. Adding to the user experience, the watch comes with three interchangeable bands and two bezels. As with previous 5600 series models, the band is shaped to reduce shock to the case if the watch is dropped, while incorporating a newly-developed slide lever for ease of detachment. The bezel, which is usually fixed to the case with screws, is secured by using four small hooks made from carbon fiber here. The watch is the first 5600 series model to incorporate the Carbon Core Guard with a carbon fiber-reinforced case for shock resistance.