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Casio to Release Watches Reprising the 1989 First-Ever Analog-Digital Combination G-SHOCK AW-500

Now Also Available in Full Metal Construction

SINGAPORE, 7 DECEMBER 2020 — Reprising the AW-500, the first G-SHOCK analog-digital model released in 1989, the latest AW-500E boasts of a refreshed look just in time for Christmas. Also available in full metal construction (AWM-500), the watches will roll out in stores on 11 December 2020, Friday at all G-SHOCK stores and online at

Casio G-SHOCK’s 1989 analog-digital models were a step out of Casio’s comfort zone as the brand had always been producing digital and square-faced timepieces since their first models in 1983. The analog-digital combination G-SHOCK model upended conventional notions that analog watches were vulnerable to impact, given their hands, gears and other intricate parts, by introducing and incorporating lighter, shock-resistant materials such as resin.

The AW-500E reprises the AW-500 with a modern redesign based on the original drawings. In the original model, the axis of the hands were set slightly above the midpoint of the dial. In the long-awaited AW-500E, the hands are fully centred in the dial for a more refined look and distinctive identity. The original color scheme of the AW-500 is retained with a black case accented by white index marks and minute hand, together with a red hour hand. The practicality has been enhanced with the addition of an EL light and extended battery life extended of seven years – a boost from 3 years in the original model

The AWM-500D and AWM-500GD feature full metal exterior parts and a solar-powered radio control. The full metal construction includes fine resin inserted between the metal case and bezel to absorb shocks. This technology was developed for the popular GMW-B5000D, released in 2018. The GMW-B5000D also inherited the form of the first G-SHOCK model, but with a full metal exterior. Each part of the new models’ bezels feature a different finish using hairline, mirror, and other finishes to give full play to the watches' metallic texture.

ModelsCase and Band MaterialColorRetail PriceAW-500EResinOriginalS$169AW-500BB-1EBlackS$169AW-500BB-4ERedS$169AWM-500D-1AStainless steelSilver/BlackS$729AWM-500D-1A8Silver S$729AWM-500GDGoldS$819

From left to right (1st row): AW-500E-1E, AW-500BB-1E, AW-500BB-4E From left to right (2nd row):AWM-500D-1A, AWM-500D-1A8, AWM-500GD-9A

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