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CASIO unveils earth-toned "CasiOak" and new N.Hoolywood collab model

GA-2100 Earth Tone Colour

After the successful launch of the first GA-2100 watches last August at CASIO’S GAME CHANGER event, G-SHOCK now introduces new colours in earth tone shades inspired by urban sensibilities and the great outdoors. Clocking in at only 11.8mm in height, this ‘CasiOak’ GA-2100 is the thinnest G-SHOCK ever made. The GA-2100 is the ideal arm candy for the everyday urbanite, with a distinctive dual-layer octagonal bezel and a carbon core guard structure that enables the watch to retain the toughness and durability of a classic G-SHOCK watch despite its sleek thinness. The watch also features analog hands, a small digital readout with four buttons control and mineral crystal. The CasiOak Earth Tone Colour Series will be available at all G-SHOCK stores and from 24 December 2020.

G-SHOCK x N.HOOLYWOOD G-SHOCK reunites with Japanese fashion label, N.HOOLYWOOD, a brand championing second-hand clothing, vintage fashion and military styles, to unveil its 7th collaboration watch, the DW-5900NH-1DR. The watch is based on the earliest DW-5900 model that features three digital graphic dials in its display, an eye-catching addition to a minimalistic timepiece. For this collaboration, a flat dial and a new protector were introduced to the base design for extra protection. In addition, the watch also comes with a red EL backlight and back cover engraved with the functions and properties of the watch. This limited-edition stealth black timepiece arrives in a no-frills, military-style custom packaging. G-SHOCK x N.HOOLYWOOD will be launching at all G-SHOCK stores and on 1 January 2021.

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