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CS:GO Teams to Battle in ASUS ROG’s First APAC Championship

Tournament will run from March to April 2021. Registrations open from February 8, 2021.


  • ROG’s first APAC esports tournament: The ROG Masters APAC Edition is ROG’s first ever APAC tournament covering 15 markets in the region.

  • Exciting mix of pro and enthusiast teams: The tournament will see about 500 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from 15 markets in APAC battle to become the first ROG Masters APAC Edition champion.

  • Game structure to give non-pro teams a fighting chance: Domestic pro teams will be automatically given places in domestic finals, allowing enthusiast teams to fight for a chance to battle them to become the Champions of their market.

Singapore, 2nd February, 2021 — ASUS ROG, the world’s and Asia Pacific’s no. 1 gaming laptop brand, will host its very first ROG Masters Asia Pacific eSports tournament from March to April 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting travel around the region, the tournament will be conducted entirely online, with quarterfinal to final matches livestreamed.

The ROG Masters tournament will feature Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as the official game title and will give the opportunity for teams of enthusiast players to pitch their skills against each other, as well as the best professional teams from their market and in the region.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will see various teams from 15 markets across the region vying for the chance to be crowned as the first ROG Masters Asia Pacific Edition CS:GO Champion.

The tournament will be played in three stages played over the course of 2 months:

  • Country qualifiers

  • Country finals

  • Asia Pacific finals

Country qualifiers matches for Singapore will start in the last week of March 2021. The Singapore finals to find the top teams to represent the country will be livestreamed live on 28th March on the following Facebook page:

Professional teams from across the region will be automatically placed into seeded positions in the country finals. This gives a greater chance for non-professional, enthusiast teams from Singapore to get through the qualifiers and meet the pro teams in the country finals.

Country Champions will then go on to experience battling winning teams from other APAC markets in the finals that will be livestreamed on the fourth week of April 2021.

This first ROG Masters Asia Pacific promises to be an exciting tournament, with star teams and shoutcasters representing Singapore to be announced on 25th February.


The winning teams of the Singapore finals will stand to win US$800 for first place, and US$400 for second place. They will then go on to the Asia Pacific finals with the chance to win the following prizes for the championship:

ROG Masters APAC ChampionshipAPAC Finals

(USD/ team)1st$10,000



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