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D-Link EXO - AX DIR-X5460- One to rule them all

Singapore, January 2021 – D-Link, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of home networking products, launches its new D-Link EXO AX DIR-X5460 to the market. If you are in the market for a new Wi-Fi router, this one is definitely worth a look. DIR-X5460 is a Wi-Fi 6 that brings next-generation Wi-Fi technology into your home, giving the quantum leap in capacity, speed and range you need to handle all your Wi-Fi demands.

A Router to Rule them All

Powered by Quadcore, DIR-X5460 can meet the most demanding tasks for your 4K entertainment or even all work tasks while work at home, With Four Gigabit LAN ports, Built-in power amplifiers, MU-MIMO and Beamforming and the recently introduced OFDMA which will help to prioritize your bandwidth to the devices that need it most, even when with plenty of devices demanding a slice of the bandwidth. This router provides plenty of options for customization, including restricting network access and priority (Quality of Service) settings. There is also Parental Controls, which is something that is very useful for parents wherein you can create profiles for each user and their devices -set schedules, limit internet access and more.

DIR-X5460 support the binding of 2 LAN port (LACP) which can connect to suitable NAS to maximize the high speed of the local content.

Maximum Secure coverage

With DIR-X5460 router security is a top priority and It supports the latest Wi-Fi security with 128-bit encryption. User can enjoy their Internet regardless at which part of their home. High-gain antennas, built-in power amplifiers and beamforming technology allow the DIR-X5460 to extend the reach of your Wi-Fi and focus a stronger signal in the direction of your devices to ensure a stronger, faster and more reliable Wi-Fi experience.

Integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Turn on/off your guest Wi-Fi, ask for your guest Wi-Fi credentials, reboot your router or update your firmware. Do it ALL hands-free using voice commands.

Just speak the words of command to your Google Assistant or Alexa, and the router bends your smart home Wi-Fi to your will (without you having to lift a finger).

Perfect for when you’ve got your hands full entertaining guests or just want to wow them with your smart Wi-Fi.

Easy to Set Up and Always Up-to-Date

The DIR-X5460, for all its latest-tech wonder-features is unnervingly easy to set up. Just connect the phone to the Wi-Fi of the router and scan the QR code on the base and then follow the wizard in the browser-based setup-window. There's also a D-Link Wi-Fi app which makes things even more straight-forward. It also features FOTA – it will automatically check daily for updates to make sure that the device is always have the latest features with the most secure firmware. They install updates silently in the background, with failsafe backups used to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Price and Availability

The new D-Link EXO AX DIR-X5460 router is available now in all major retail and online stores at SRP $259 but selling now at new launching special price at $188 only during limited period.

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