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Dual Core Guard Metal Twisted G-SHOCK (MT-G) Pop-Up Exhibition now at Marina Bay Sands

Learn about the technology behind the much-loved tough yet lightweight timepiece

The MT-G Pop-up exhibition will be located at the G-SHOCK store at Marina Bay Sands from 11 Jan 2021 to 4 Feb 2021.

SINGAPORE, 11 JAN 2021 – Following the successful launch of the Metal Twisted G-SHOCK MTG-B1000 in 2018 and the release of the newest MTG-B2000 last November, Casio will be having an exhibition from 11 Jan to 4 Feb 2021 to showcase the watch’s technology and everything that that makes it a truly tough yet refined timepiece.

The exhibition will showcase disassembled MTGs, allowing one to peek at what makes the watches tick. Besides the newest MTG-B2000, a limited edition iridescent rainbow MTG-B1000 produced to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Metal Twisted series and past MTG-B1000 models will also be displayed. MTG-B2000 watches employ a new Dual Core Guard structure featuring a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and a carbon monocoque construction. This new structure produces a watch with more visible metal while retaining the popular mid-sized case and weight that users found to be so wearable in the predecessor, MTG-B1000. There are three colours: MTG-B2000BD (Red), MTG-B2000B (Blue) and MTG-B2000D (Black).

The watches that will be on display at the MT-G Pop Up at the G-SHOCK Marina Bay Sands Store Left to right: MTG-B2000 (Blue), MTG-B1000RB (Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Rainbow), MTG-B1000

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