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G-SHOCK Announces New Designs of G-LIDE and G-SQUAD

The New G-SQUAD GBA-900 Series

The GBA-900 can be connected to smartphone using Bluetooth function and measure distance using an accelerometer while linked with the GPS function of a smartphone. There are 4 colorways: black (GBA-900-1ADR), black with purple color accent (GBA-900-1A6DR), orange (GBA-900-4ADR) and white (GBA-900-7ADR).

GBA-900 features Bluetooth® technology that allow access to a smartphone’s GPS for quick calibration of distance measurements. Once you take measurements with a smartphone, the next time you will be able to measure distance with the watch alone. The smartphone app allows you to check your activity history, manage your training and set watch functions like auto time adjustment, phone notifications and so on. A 5-level exercise intensity graph and a daily goal attainment rate help keep you motivated. These watches are also equipped with double LED light for face and digital display which gives a clear view in dark places and the soft urethane band material with many band holes which provides a comfortable fit on your wrist. This GBA-900 series except GBA-900-7ADR will be available from 21 April 2021 and will be available at all G-SHOCK stores from 28 April 2021. GBA-900-7ADR will be available at all G-SHOCK stores and from 28 April 2021.

The New G-LIDE NIGHT SURF Series GBX-100

G-SHOCK has announced the new design of G-LIDE GBX-100 Series which concept is night surfing. G-LIDE series is G-SHOCK’s extreme sports watches which are a favorite choice among the world's top surfers. The bezels are composed of a combination of resin and metal, with stainless steel for the bezel top. The bezel combines hairline and honed surface finishes to create an elegant look. There are 2 colorways: black (GBX-100NS-1DR) and pink gold (GBX-100NS-4DR). GBX-100 features the display of information which surfers require, tide graph, moon data, high tide and low tide times, tide levels and sunrise and sunset times. This watch can be connected to the phone by Bluetooth® function and this allows you to use the app for quick and easy access to the surfer-essential tide information, sunrise and sunset times at approximately 3,000 locations worldwide. Also, the high-resolution MIP LCD enhances readability and the guard structure withstands impact from above, below, left, and right, making them the perfect choice for wear while surfing. This GBX-100NS series will be available at all G-SHOCK stores and from 28 April 2021.

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