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G-SHOCK collaborates with Jahan Loh to launch Limited Edition “The Savage Five Series” timepieces

Anniversary Timepiece

SINGAPORE, 27 NOVEMBER 2020 – Following the launch of the Lunar New Year timepiece earlier this year with Singapore’s leading pop artist Jahan Loh, G-SHOCK has once again reunited with Jahan Loh to launch the limited edition “The Savage Five Series” on 4 December 2020, featuring reinterpretations of the Five Tiger Generals from the popular Chinese literary piece, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The collection consists of five different watches each with its own distinctive look and representation of one military general. Each watch is also acquainted with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and the five virtues of Confucianism, righteousness, faith, wisdom, benevolence and propriety. The cyan GA-110SGG-3A represents military general Guan Yu and wood, which symbolises righteousness. The bright red GA-110SGH-1A represents Huang Zhong and the element of fire that encapsulates faith. Ma Chao and metal – which symbolises wisdom – are embodied by a black and gold GW-B5600. Another identical model dressed in white pays homage to Zhao Yun and the earth element that symbolises benevolence. Rounding off the series is a solid blue GX-56, emblematic of Zhang Fei and water that embodies propriety.

The Savage Five Series collection will be available island wide at all G-SHOCK stores and online at on Friday, 4 December 2020.

The watches will be retailing at the following prices:

GA-110SGG-3ADR (Cyan)S$269

GA-110SGH-4ADR (Red)S$269

GW-5600SGM-1DR (Black)S$369

GW-5600SGZ-7DR (White)S$319

GX-56SGZ-2DR (Blue)S$299

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