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G-SHOCK rings in the new year with watch inspired by Japanese Daruma doll

SINGAPORE, 29 DECEMBER 2020 — G-SHOCK rings in the new year with a special series of watches inspired by the traditional Daruma Doll – an iconic Japanese good luck charm. The Daruma’s symbolism of perseverance and good luck perfectly complements the “Never Give Up” identity of the G-SHOCK brand.

Base models for this lineup are the original square face DW-5600, the classic GA-100 digital-analog combination model, and the ever-popular three-digital dial DW-6900. The DW-5600DA model features a Daruma red body with the image of a Daruma printed on its face. Turning on the watch’s backlight causes a Daruma face to float up onto the display.

The GA-100DA comes with a red case and black band, and the small hand of the dial at 12 o’clock also features a Daruma motif. The DW-6900DA model also has a red body. Its three digital dials are incorporated into a Daruma-like visage with bushy eyebrows and a beard. The band rings of all three models are printed with a Daruma image.

The watch comes with a special packaging designed by Toyko-based fashion brand BlackEyePatch and a special card displaying the Daruma doll.

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