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G-Shock teams up with NPO Wildlife promising for collection inspired by the African Rock Python

SINGAPORE, 11 DECEMBER 2020 — G-SHOCK and WILDLIFE PROMISING, a non-profit organisation championing wildlife conservation and coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa, have released the latest collection inspired by the African Rock Python to raise awareness the endangered status of the snake, as verified by the Washington Convention. The special edition timepieces are available in two models – the MTG-B1000 and GST-B300.

The back case also sports a “Love The Sea And The Earth” logo – the initiative spearheaded by Casio since 1990 to raise awareness and action for environmental issues. Each watch is housed in a African Rock Python skin pattern package.

Equipped with the premium features of MTG-B1000, the MTG-B1000WLP-1ADR comes with a Bluetooth® communication function making connection with a smartphone possible, and a MULTIBAND 6 which enables automatic time adjustments.

Meanwhile, the GST-B300 is the first G-STEEL – a G-SHOCK model that fuses carbon fiber and metal to lower the timepiece’s weight while retaining its hardiness – with a front LED light button design. The watch also features the new Carbon Core Guard structure introduced to the G-SHOCK collections in 2019, which delivers improved shock-resistance.

The GST-B300WLP-1ADR is already available at all G-SHOCK stores and for S$579 while MTG-B1000WLP-1ADR, retailing at S$1,799, will be available from 16 December 2020.

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