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GetGo launches 400-strong carsharing fleet in Singapore

The carsharing service provides users with a frictionless and flexible service that cuts out

commitments associated with ownership

● Hourly fees start from S$3 onwards, with no subscription or deposit fees required

● The company is initially launching 400 cars across 300 locations by Q1 2021; will have

1,000 cars in over 600 locations by year-end to vastly improve car accessibility across


SINGAPORE, 25 FEBRUARY 2021 – GetGo, a Singapore-based carsharing platform has

launched today and will be rolling out 400 vehicles across 300 locations island-wide by the end

of March 2021 to address the growing demand for carsharing services here. To date, more than

14,000 users have already pre-registered for its service.

Placing drivers at the heart of the GetGo service

GetGo offers a frictionless and flexible carsharing service that empowers Singapore’s driving

community – without the hassle and commitments of car ownership. Through its iOS and

Android mobile applications, the company provides a user-friendly service that addresses some

of the biggest pain points with existing options, with just a few simple clicks.

User registration is almost instant through its integration with MyInfo, eliminating the typical one

to two day wait time to get started. There are no membership fees, with usage-based fees

charged via users’ credit cards after each trip. Leveraging best-in-class technology, predictive

vehicle maintenance and cleaning is carried out to ensure a quality driving experience. Crucially,

GetGo takes care of refueling, saving precious time for users who no longer need to visit a

petrol station during each trip.“Our service allows drivers to access our fleet of vehicles on their own terms, placing the freedom to drive in their hands. With a singular focus on our users’ experience, coupled with a simple and flexible pricing model, we have adopted an approach to carsharing that literally and figuratively puts our users in the driving seat,” said Toh Ting Feng, Managing Director and Co-Founder of GetGo.

Meeting a growing mobility need, sustainably

With more people working from home because of COVID-19, the demand for personal mobility

has increased significantly. At the same time, the cost of ownership continues to rise due to the

limits on Singapore’s private car population. Instead of owning a car and its associated financial

commitments, Singapore’s 1.8 million drivers are increasingly shifting towards alternatives for

their mobility needs. Amidst this backdrop, GetGo seeks to cement the role of carsharing in Singapore’s mobility landscape. By providing a superior and accessible carsharing service at scale, GetGo reduces the need for car ownership and parking spaces in alignment with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) long-term, sustainable car-lite vision. In line with this goal, GetGo has also further enhanced its technology platform with Enterprise Singapore’s support.

Mr Law Chung Ming, Director for Transport and Logistics, Enterprise Singapore, said, “As we

move to be a car-lite society, it is encouraging to see young Singapore enterprises such as

GetGo innovating and embracing technology to provide alternative mobility solutions for

consumers. Enterprise Singapore remains committed to support local companies in their growth

journey, and we look forward to GetGo’s contribution to the increasingly vibrant mobility scene in


On track to becoming Singapore’s largest car platform

The company’s growth plans are well underway, as GetGo targets to grow its fleet size to 1,000

cars and expand its nationwide footprint to over 600 locations by the end of 2021, reinforcing

GetGo’s position as Singapore’s largest carsharing provider. Rates start at just S$3 onwards and users are charged by hours and mileage. #RevvEvolution #RevvDrives #getgo #singapore #carsharing #drive #motoring #cars

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