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Maison 21G to launch new bespoke home scent

After the success of its tailor-made perfume creation unique model, Parisian haute perfumery brand, Maison 21G, is proud to announce the launch of its personalised Home Scent Collection. By naturally purifying the air, this exclusive collection will help you transform your home and your moods just the way you want. You can now create in total freedom, your bespoke scents for all your rooms. A new revolutionary perfumery model for our initiated scent designer's community.

Maison 21G strives to remain the first tailor-made perfume brand worldwide as they reinvent the traditional perfumery journey with a sustainable and green approach. Customers have expressed their will to customise home scent like they customise their own perfume so as to reflect their different moods and scent desires at home. After months of research and hard work, home scent personalisation is now available both online and offline uniquely at Maison 21G worldwide. "By cutting all the traditional intermediaries of perfumery and giving direct access to perfume essences to our customers, we wish to empower everyone to create their own scents in total freedom, for them or in their house at a fair price with sustainability and education at its core," says Johanna Monange, our founder. An important feature to take note of, each scent contains a minimum of 80% of alcohol, effectively killing germs while providing sanitisation and protection in the home. All our natural ingredients contained in the 17 essences are ready mixed which kills germs and absorbs unpleasant smells simultaneously. We also aim to create or enhance different moods with the benefits of natural scents like lavender, sage or ginger oils. Our new bespoke home scent line comforts mind, body and soul for you and your family: 100% eco-friendly, with no phthalates, preservatives, CMR, NGO or parabens. Our vegan scented mists are also suitable for use around children and pets.

Maison 21G is always pleased to share its expertise and recommend pairings for our Scent Designers' community: Cedar Caviar and Rhubarb Rhapsody is one advised combination. The mix of the sparkling Rhubarb and the elegant Cedar creates a joyful atmosphere that uplifts and brightens the mood. Mimosa Mantra and Ocean Odyssey is another interesting proposition of pairing if you are seeking tranquillity and relaxation. This serene aroma will take your mind off all the worries. Thanks to the exquisite oasis of fresh mimosa and ocean, you will easily be guided to your inner sanctuary. Sleek Sandalwood and Muguet Muse is an elegant mix of woody and floral notes. Adhere to a positive ambience and let your mind get rid of all the anxiety. This soothing combination of Sleek Sandalwood and Muguet Muse will transform your home into a quiet and peaceful place. You can now choose between 17 pairable scents and craft your own unique home scent. Furthermore, by choosing the perfect combination, make your personality match your home.

The products are available to purchase online via Maison 21G's website and at its Singapore boutique. Products can be shipped to a range of countries worldwide. Price List: Each home scent retails at S$75 The entire set of 4 fragrances is available for S$250 #RevvEvolution #RevvLifestyle #maison21g #perfumes #gragrances #women #luxury #style

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