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Maison 21G to launch new Cashmere Wood Scent

New year, new scent. Parisian haute perfumery house Maison 21G has launched a new addition to its array of scents. Cashmere Wood will be its 35th core scent, a signature of elegance and outstanding charm, it is the mark of highly charismatic characters. A leathery, smooth, creamy, sophistication, this scent is very elegant and extremely memorable.

Available from 22nd February 2021 Cashmere Wood embodies the allure of natural, sensual aromas of sultry tobacco and leathery notes, lifted by a mossy woodniess. It makes anyone truly irresistible with its magnetic, woody and distinctive aroma.

Rene with CEO Johanna Montage

Maison 21G founder and CEO Johanna Monanage describes the new scent as an uplifting fragrance that can be worn for any occasion by people who assume their natural enchantment. It pairs well with fresh and sensual scents and will enhance any sillage and create long-lastingness, emphasising the wearer’s natural charm.

The launch will be supported by a social media campaign to showcase the cosy properties of the new perfume essence.

The product is available for purchase on Maison 21G’s website and its Singapore boutique and can be shipped to a range of countries worldwide. As per the company’s personalisation concept, the scent can be purchased on its own but is recommended to be blended with one of its other 34 core scents to create a unique perfume concoction.


Each 30ml bottle of perfume is priced at S$95.

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