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New Releases for Casio EDIFICE's Super Slim Chronographs

1. EQB-1100 – The Super Slim Chronograph

Equipped with an octagon-shaped bezel, the EQB-1100 is just 8.9mm thin despite its array of functions. The EQB-1100XDB has a beautiful, timeless blue face and bezel with red accents on the tachymeter. Meanwhile, the EQB-1100XDC comes in black steel and a green bezel. In terms of function, EQB-1100 features a tough solar power system and sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating on its inner surface. The Bluetooth® function allows connection to the mobile device, syncing time 4 times a day to ensure accurate time settings. The dial at 9 o’clock also shows you the current time in another time zone, which allows time tracking of two cites concurrently. Lastly, the stopwatch function allows storage of up to 200 lap times, while a last lap differential indicator can be found on the 6 o’clock position allowing comparison of the current and previous lap. The EQB-1100 Series are available at all G-SHOCK stores and Edifice Retailers from 26 February 2021.


CASIO EDIFICE announces a new series of slim chronographs with sapphire crystal. This launch includes 2 slim case watches: EFS-S590 and EFR-S572. Both models come with stainless bands of 3 colour options: red, blue, gold. The sporty design of EFS-S590 comes packed in a case that is only 9.9mm thick for a comfortable fit. An inner rotary ring contributes to the sporty design of these watches. The countdown feature comes in handy for motorsport lovers who need to keep track of a large number of time-critical events. On the other hand, the EFR-S572 chronograph comes packed in a case that is only 9.1 mm thick for a comfortable fit. The bezel is designed in the image of an automotive slotted brake rotor. Sapphire crystal is used to resist scratching. EFR-S572GS uses a rose gold colour on the bezel and band, exuding casual luxury and elegance. In terms of function, both EFS-S590 and EFR-S572 come with 100-meter water resistance and a stopwatch. Lastly, EFS-S590 is solar-powered and has a battery level indicator. The EFS-S590 & EFR-S572 Series are available at all G-SHOCK stores and Edifice Retailers from 26 February 2021.

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