Otter family Christmas Adventure

Christmas every day in December at Orchard Hotel Singapore

Otterly Festive: Mr Lee Richards, General Manager of Orchard Hotel Singapore bringing much happiness to the children

December 2020: Experience the happiest month of the year with Orchard Hotel Singapore from Otter sightings and showstopping gastronomic journey at The Orchard Cafe to a display of Canton finesse at Hua Ting Restaurant and shopping at the instagrammable life-size Christmas Goodies House!

This joyous holiday season, we have put together 31 days of Christmas adventure - from festive feasting and Christmas takeaways to an “Otter Family Christmas Adventure” staycation that pledges funds to support children from low-income families. We want to bring happiness to our guests and to spread festive cheer to needy families with the launch of the much-loved otter families,” says Mr Lee Richards, General Manager of Orchard Hotel Singapore.

Share the holiday spirit of giving with Otter Family Christmas Adventure Staycation