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Rolls-Royce Landspeed Collection: Celebrating a pion spirit and fearless human endeavour

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars celebrates remarkable feats of human endeavour, retelling the story of the redoubtable Captain George Eyston and his extraordinary car, Thunderbolt – powered by two Rolls-Royce R V12 aero engines, with the unveiling of the new Wraith and Dawn Black Badge Landspeed Collection.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “The Collection, which includes both Wraith and Dawn Black Badge, celebrates someone with exactly that dauntless, fearless, pioneering spirit. His name was Captain George Eyston, a Cambridge University graduate, racing driver, gifted inventor and engineering genius. He was a true hero from an age of epic endeavours; yet both he and Thunderbolt have been all but forgotten for more than 80 years.”

According to the history books, Eyston’s third and final land-speed record of 357.497 mph (575.336 km/h) stood for 341 days. In the new Collection Cars, it is commemorated for all time, engraved into the housing of the dashboard clock alongside the name ‘Bonneville’, in homage to where the record was set.

With this Collection, we have revived Eyston’s memory and retold his remarkable story. Throughout Wraith and Dawn Landspeed, clients will find numerous subtle design elements and narrative details that recall and commemorate his amazing achievements, grand vision and exceptional courage.”

The Collection Car duo is presented in a specially created two-tone finish, which marries Black Diamond Metallic with a new Bespoke colour, Bonneville Blue. This specially developed hue bears particular significance to the Collection, with a colour that transitions under sunlight from light blue to silver, illustrating the reflections of both the vast sky over Bonneville and the crisp salt flats on Thunderbolt’s aluminium body.

Unique highlights include:

  • Dark detail in the upper-centre of the steering wheel through the centre-line of the driver’s seat of the Landspeed Wraith and Dawn inspired by the darkened track lines on the salt surface Eyston followed

  • Tiny fissures on the Bonneville Salt Flats perfectly reproduced in the wooden veneer of the Landspeed Collection’s fascia and console lids

  • Outline of Silver Island mountains that dominate the Bonneville horizon engraved on upper ‘waterfall’ between the Dawn Landspeed rear seats in celebration of George Eyston’s vision

  • ‘Bonneville’ name engraved into housing of the dashboard clock in homage to where Eyston’s third and final land-speed record was set

  • Wraith Landspeed – Starlight Headliner precisely marks constellations over the Flats on 16 September 1938 when Eyston’s third and final record was set, using 2,117 individually placed fibre-optic ‘stars’ – the largest number in a Rolls-Royce Wraith Starlight Headliner ever

  • Grosgrain weave silk and colours matching honourary medal ribbons awarded to Eyston for his achievements in both Wraith and Dawn Landspeed driver’s door

  • Specially padded armrests on both passenger side and below ribbon detail for extra comfort just like Eyston favoured

Production of Landspeed Collection cars is strictly limited to just 25 examples of Dawn and 35 of Wraith globally, all of which have already been allocated to customers.

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