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Rolls -Royce unveils one of a kind Boat Tail

Following the announcement that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has formally re-established its Coachbuild department, another seminal moment for the House of Rolls-Royce: The unveiling of an utterly unique, coachbuild commission called ‘Boat Tail’.

After prompting the contemporary coachbuilding movement in 2017 with the introduction of ‘Sweptail’. Rolls-Royce Bespoke was approached by customers eager to move beyond existing constraints. For Rolls-Royce to define a project as Coachbuild, it must be client-driven and commissioned, with the added expertise of our Coachbuild Designers. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, unveiled today, is a curation of exceptional thoughts, concepts and items, which culminate to form the client’s perfect experience. The commissioning patrons, a globally successful couple who are highly proficient in the appointment of Rolls-Royces, truly personify connoisseurship. To fulfil the clients’ extraordinary ambitions, significant engineering challenges were overcome in the development of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, but was only possible through the scalable Rolls-Royce architecture and powertrain Time, patience, dedication and passion were the project’s hallmarks. The fuller story is in the attached release, but here are some highlights:

  • ‘Boat Tail’ design draws inspiration from J Class yachts

  • ‘Boat Tail’ is not just a means to a destination but the destination itself

  • The surface treatment is only possible with true Coachbuilding techniques

  • ‘Boat Tail’ subverts the tenets of RR design – all light graphics are horizontal not vertical

  • Aft Deck is the first-time veneer is used on the exterior of a Rolls-Royce in modern history


  • First use of a fully veneered transmission tunnel and floor, referencing yacht design

  • Minimal aesthetic accentuates jewellery-like features and Caleidolegno wood set

  • Soft metallic sheen on leather draws a parallel with the metallic of the exterior paint

  • Incorporates BOVET 1822 timepiece in fascia and 2nd timepiece in hidden compartment

  • Timepiece is designed to be placed in fascia while driving, as per client’s request

Rear Hosting Area

  • Managed by 5 ECUs and incorporates all electronics to avoid ‘sharkfin’ aerial

  • Opens to precisely 67 degrees, where each side ‘offers’ its contents to guests

  • One side provisioned for dining; one side provisioned for drink

  • Champagne fridge – not cooler – tailored to client’s preferred vintage

  • Dining side incorporates porcelain and cutlery by Christofle and engraved ‘Boat Tail’

  • Rear tables finished in matching Caleidolegno veneer unfurl via piano hinges

  • Carbon fibre stools by famous Italian furniture maker Premamoria stowed in Aft Deck

  • Mezze-style hosting specified by client

  • Cutlery, porcelain, champagne were high speed tested in ‘Boat Tail’ to ensure no rattles


  • 1,813 completely new parts were created specifically for ‘Boat Tail’, many patented

  • Preliminary engineering phase alone was the product of 20 man years

  • Wiring loom for the Rear Hosting Area took nine months to develop

  • 15 speaker Bespoke Audio uses whole floor as resonance chamber for bass component

  • ‘Boat Tail’ temperature tested to -20˚ C and some components to +80˚ C

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