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Shariot, a New Carsharing Service for Local Heartlanders Launches from S$1.00/per hour

Shariot will roll out an expected fleet of over 250 vehicles, in more than 85 locations across Singapore starting this week.

SINGAPORE, 8thOctober 2020Shariot is Singapore’s latest carsharing service targeting local heartlanders with short-term vehicle rentals from as low as S$1.00 per hour. Operating on an app-based platform, users will be able to enjoy short-term car rentals from 15 minutes to as long as they need, without any mileage caps. In its initial launch phase, Shariot will operate with a fleet of more than 250 cars in over 85 heartland locations across Singapore, with plans to roll out to more locations in the future.

Designed with a user’s personal experience in mind, Shariot offers high flexibility and usage for its customers. Located island wide, their fleet of vehicles can be accessed at HDB carparks, typically minutes from selected MRT stations throughout Singapore. The hassle-free nature of the service also means that users will be able to unlock their ride and drive away completely keyless.

Shariot understands that owning a car in Singapore is a luxury that comes with long term commitments. With demand for carsharing services on the rise following the phase two reopening of the Singapore economy, the team believes that they are able to offer users an affordable, accessible, and personalised carsharing experience. Shariot prides itself as having a 100% free membership, and users can enjoy the carsharing service without confusing price grids and hidden costs.

Operating on a A-to-A return trip carsharing model, users will have to pick up and return the vehicles to the reserved parking lots within the same car park where they have retrieved it from. Users are also allowed to drive the vehicles into Malaysia, with an additional S$20 entry fee. Pets are also allowed in the Shariot cars.

The coronavirus crisis has triggered a dramatic shift in consumer priorities about mobility. Consumers today prioritise safety over anything else, and carsharing is a good alternative to more congested forms of mobility, such as public transportation, that make physical distancing difficult.

In view of COVID-19 precautions, Shariot has partnered withErst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a leading German-based specialist in sustainable technologies for disinfection, to apply Erstotizer, a functional surface coating in all its vehicles. This prevents cross-contamination on high-touch points on absorbent and smooth surfaces, and provides protection against bacteria and viruses. In addition to that, Shariot’s fleet of cars will be regularly sanitised and cleaned to ensure users a clean and safe experience.

To help bring awareness of the new service to market, Shariot has enlisted the help of Mediacorp artiste, Shaun Chen as its brand ambassador.

To use the service, users will have to download the Shariot app on Google PlayStore(for Android users) or on App Store(for iOS users). The app will allow users to locate the nearest vehicle, with no membership or registration fee. The usage starts from as low as S$1.00/Hour. As part of the launch promotion, Shariot will be offering S$100 additional credit for every S$100 that is topped up to the Shariot wallet.

For the list of locations Shariot is rolling out to first, please download the Shariot app.

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