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Tezarekt debuts Singapore's first-ever random cocktail generator at Modern Izakaya JU95

14 July 2022, Singapore – Welcome to the new future of cocktail culture—shaken, stirred and digitised. TEZAREKT, a Singapore-based cross-platform that creates gamification and social experiences across Web 2.0 and the future Web3, has launched the world’s first Random Cocktail Generator. Forget about making obvious tipple choices or avoid decision fatigue from an overwhelming drinks menu—discover instead a new favourite cocktail concoction or indulge in the game of chance with an algorithm-generated cocktail. TEZAREKT’s new concept of play, one that applies digital token concepts to real-life experiences, has launched at JU95, a modern izakaya located at 41 Boat Quay. More bar locations with TEZAREKT’s Gachapon-style booths will follow in subsequent months. Loosely modelled after the nostalgic Gachapon game and built on the concept of random number generators (RNG), the Random Cocktail Generator is set to shake up the local drink, bar and cocktail scene, bringing drink imbibers and night revellers a brand new bibulous experience.

“The Random Cocktail Generator is just one way of showing concepts that bridge web 2.0 digital gachapon systems with future revolutionary tokenomics concepts in the Web3 space. Ultimately, we want to create an ecosystem where non-crypto audiences and crypto users can come together through the TEZAREKT platform and community that we’re building,” says Dharni, co-founder, CCO and CMO at TEZAREKT.

“TEZAREKT aims to reinvent social experiences for consumers as they interact with lifestyle products. We are beyond thrilled to introduce these unique concepts to brands to engage with communities of different interests,” continues Dharni. “We plan to bring the TEZAREKT experience to more F&B, beauty and lifestyle brands, and ultimately, to the people—we’re really just getting started!”

Beyond providing an engaging and social experience for consumers, the Random Cocktail Generator has additional benefits for its bar partners. Not only is it a conversational and gamification touchpoint, the TEZAREKT gachapon-style booth also allows bars to control their product inventory usage to be more cost-effective in the long run. The platform’s capabilities of bridging Web2.0 and Web3 audiences were highlighted in recent TEZAREKT collaborations with high-profile events such as Metajam NFT Festival and the Chivas Regal presents: I Rise, We Rise creative pop-up in May 2022. Metajam attendees could try their luck at collecting and assembling fragments of a puzzle to form complete cards of beatboxers through the puzzle Gashapon system. The booth experience was accompanied by audio clips performed by the individual beatboxers, and NFT cards that were successfully ‘synthesised’ were available for users to mint. For the non-crypto audience, Tezarekt’s showcase at the Chivas pop-up lets players spin and synthesise the digital gachapon fragments of a Chivas 12 bottle for a chance to win exclusive Chivas merchandise and grand prizes.

The Random Cocktail Generator injects an element of play and surprise through gamification, hacking the usual bar menus to serve up random cocktail combinations created by TEZAREKT’s RNG algorithms. Players can choose from 3 different game modes to start:

EZPZ ($19.50) – a randomised cocktail containing ONE Spirit and TWO Mixers

Normal ($23) – a randomised cocktail containing TWO Spirits and TWO Mixers

Get Rekt ($26) – a randomised cocktail containing THREE Spirits In the spirit and tradition of gachapon games, lucky players will also discover further surprises and special items during their play, including rewards and prizes from merchants or partner sponsors. That’s not all – the prizes are also packaged with Tezarekt’s house NFT—a collection of 10,000 Tezarekt Avatars—also known as "Tezarean", that will entitle user benefits in their ecosystem. These include loyalty reward points, minting drinks to NFTs and interacting with digital avatars in the metaverse. With more utilities and benefits to the community in the websphere, the possibilities are endless.

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