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The Kristang Eurasian Cuisine by Chef Melba Nunis

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

We met Chef Melba Nunis on our trips up to Malacca and we were delighted when she informed us that she was coming to Singapore for a visit. We worked our magic and managed to get her to host Revv Eats very first episode , with her cooking a traditional Kristang (Eurasian) dish, Curry Debal, or Devil's Curry as we all know it as. Join us and we kick off our first episode with Chef Melba on Revv Eats! Take part in our contest and win and exclusive cookbook from Melba.

Chef Melba joins us on another episode of Revv Eats with one more Kristang dish for us, this time is Sambal Binagre. Join us as she whips us this amazing dish which we know you will enjoy.

In this 3rd installment of Revv Evolution's , Revv Eats with Melba, Melba whips up a dish which is close to her heart, Papa Vincent's Cutlets, in honor of her beloved Grandfather who passed her the recipe. Join us for another delish episode here on Revv Eats.

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