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The Montblanc Smart headphones MB 01 Review

Travel Smarter, Hear Sharper With New Montblanc Wireless Over-Ear Smart Headphones

Luxury Maison expands its tech offering with wireless headphones that combine elegant Montblanc design, optimized comfort and high sound quality

Montblanc introduces its first Smart Headphones,MB 01designed for optimal comfort, enhanced functionality and uncompromising quality. Foldable and compact, these sleek travel companions complete Montblanc’s tech travel offering that contributes to making business and leisure travel more seamless, productive and enjoyable from departure to destination.

“We set out to create headphones that would strike the ideal balance between advanced technology, sophisticated design and comfort, because that’s what really matters to Montblanc travelers, whether they are aboard a long-haul flight, on a conference call at the airport or simply trying to recharge while on the road,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

Travelling is an essential part of the luxury business lifestyle. Quality headphones have become an essential accessory for today’s traveller. To meet the demands of those who live life on the road or in the air, the Montblanc smart headphonesfeature:

· Latest wireless technology

· Active noise cancelling technology

· Advanced technology for impressive sound quality

· Ergonomic design for greater comfort

· Fine materials and quality craftsmanship for durability

· Google Assistant for a more personalized on-the-go experience featuring voice-activated device control and commands

· Functions across a broad range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS & Android

An experienced team of award-winning engineers and designers collaborated on the development of the headphones to achieve great sound quality, comfortable wear as well as a stylish look consistent with the Maison’s heritage of fine craftsmanship and timeless design. Sound expert and visionary Alex Rosson lent his acoustic mastery and audio engineering expertise to the creation of headphones that would deliver a signature Montblanc sound.

“When developing these travel essentials, our focus was not just on creating headphones that would deliver performance and reliability, but also a design that was very distinctive with larger headphones to comfortably cover the ear, as well as sleek metal and leather finishes that give it that unmistakable Montblanc flair. When they are on the road, whether business or leisure, intrepid travellers want stylish accessories that help them stand out wherever they go,” says Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director.

The Montblanc Smart Headphonescome in three different combinations: black leather with chrome metal finishes, brown leather with gold coloured metal finishes and light grey leather with polished metal finishes. Each pair of headphones comes in a fine fabric pouch with a USB-C charging cable, Audio Jack cable and an airplane adaptor.

The Montblanc Smart Headphones are available at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. For more information visit

The Montblanc Smart Headphones, MB 01combine elegant Montblanc design, long-lasting comfort and high sound quality for an optimal travel experience

Key Features

· Ergonomic and Stylish Design

· Finest Materials

· Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

· Google Assistant

· Latest Wireless Technology and Sound Enhancing Software

· Unique Sound Signature, exclusively design by industry expert sound designer Alex Rosson

Optimized for Travel

· The padded leather ear cushions and headband provide long-lasting comfort

· The light weight and foldability make the headphones easy to transport

· The Active Noise Cancellation seamlessly cancels out airplane and other noise

· The cVc technology provides optimal call quality


· Universal compatibility, optimized for iOS (AAC) and Android (Adaptive aptX)

· Latest Bluetooth 5.0

· Battery life of 20 hours with ANC on

· Hybrid ANC

· Live Mode which amplifies the noises of your environment at low volumes

· Clear Voice Capture (cVc) technology which cancels out external sounds to create the best possible

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