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The spicy and traditional Otah heats up my kitchen here on Revv Eats.

Otah is a dish with roots from the Malay and Peranakan community. There is a a number of variations on the ingredients and cooking methods , but overall they have one thing inn common, most people love eating this spicy dish! One of the usual main ingredient is Spanish Mackerel, but Prawns have also been used in cooking up this dish. We thought we would give all of you the opportunity to try out this dish yourself, as you can see from our video and the ingredients below, it's really not that hard a dish to prepare. So get ready folks to string on that apron and get cooking!!


*200 grams of Spanish Mackerel / Prawns

*2 Stalks of Lemon Grass

*6 Kafir Leaves ( Lime Leaves)

*2 tbsp Cornstarch

*1 Pandan Leave ( For aroma)

*150 grams of Coconut Milk

*1 tbsp of Sugar

*1 tsp of Salt

150 grams Shallots

3 cloves of Garlic

7 to 12 pieces of Dried Chilli ( depends on how hot you want it, minues the seeds)

30 grams of Blue Ginger ( Galangal)

10 grams of Belachan

1 tsp of Tumeric

1 tbsp of Curry Powder

** We get our Otah mix from Kalanadis over at Tampines Round Market, you cant miss

his shop, it always has a long line, he opens at 9am most days, and he sells a variety of

spices and mixes that you can buy, from Nasi Lemak, Lontong , Rendang and more.

* If you do use the mix you will only need this items

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