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Volkswagen T-Cross makes its first appearance at Singapore Motorshow 2020

– Volkswagen expands its family of SUVs with smallest and most compact T-Cross

– A versatile and practical urban crossover in the small car class

– Maximum flexibility thanks to innovative and spacious vehicle interior concept

Singapore – The T-Cross was launched three times during its World Premiere in

Amsterdam, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. This demonstrates just how much T-Cross

is a truly global product. With the new T-Cross, Volkswagen is moving forward

with its global SUV offensive, which began in 2016 with the Tiguan. Soon, this

completely new model will also be captivating the hearts of car buyers in

Singapore with its combination of style, practicality, flexibility, and economy.

Designed with charisma, always front-driven, functionally conceptualised, and

cleverly constructed, the T-Cross is at home in the city, and ready for the small

and large adventures both inside and outside the urban jungle.

“I am more than one thing”

The T-Cross is the practical, cool and versatile addition to Volkswagen’s attractive SUV range. The T-Cross is an urban crossover model which offers a low-cost entry to this vehicle class in addition to plenty of flexibility. As the smallest of Volkswagen’s SUV range, the T-Cross is even more compact and suitable for the city but just as

sophisticated, versatile and usable as its bigger siblings. With its attractive design, the

crossover is a flexible SUV with the utmost recognition value – in other words, it is

more than one thing, without costing more.

A compact giant

The new T-Cross is compact, but far from small: be it more legroom for passengers or

more space in the luggage compartment. The T-Cross is based upon the modular

transverse matrix (MQB), which allows the driven front axle to be located very far

forward. With a total vehicle length of 4.11 metres, the 2.55-metre wheelbase is

comparatively generous, allowing a spacious interior with enough room for five

people. For the greatest possible versatility in the interior, the sliding rear seat can be

adjusted by 14 centimetres, allowing more passenger leg room or more luggage space.

Due to its high flexibility, the vehicle interior can be rapidly and easily adapted as

required to suit the occupants’ living and transport situation. The vehicle has between

385 and 455 litres of stowage space depending on the seat configuration. The T-Cross

can also be transformed into a small van in a split second. If the rear bench seat is

folded down and the T-Cross loaded up to the roof behind the seats, the volume

increases to 1,281 litres – unsurpassed by any other SUV in this segment. The compact dimensions also identify the SUV as a wanderer between two worlds: it is extremely agile, light, and nimble, making it ideally suited to urban driving.

Anyone who takes a seat in the T-cross will enjoy superior visibility due to the elevated

seating position – typical of an SUV. At 1.58 metres tall, passengers enjoy good allround

visibility. The driver and front passenger sit 597 mm above the road, the rear

passengers 652 mm. The spacious interior gives the occupants the feeling that they

are sitting in a larger vehicle. Striking, independent exterior The new T-Cross is synonymous with independence paired with family affiliation. Its appearance is shaped by a dominant bonnet, broad radiator grille with integrated headlights, and the horizontal character lines on the sides. Its muscular shoulder section emphasises its powerful appearance and the new reflector band spanning horizontally across the rear and framed by a black trim visually increases the width of the vehicle. The

T-Cross offers easy access through four large doors – a major advantage of

the modular transverse matrix, which allows the driven front axle to

be positioned much closer to the vehicle front.

“New Volkswagen”

The new T-Cross represents a new attitude – one that is bold, emotional, humancentric

and personalized. This new attitude marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen, which was unveiled at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt with a new logo and brand design. The transformation of the brand and its vision is presented to the outside world by the new logo, which is human, open, inviting, transparent, responsible and authentic. Volkswagen’s new brand design is much more than a new brand logo. It symbolizes a new promise to our customers. Volkswagen has always aimed to make mobility and technology accessible to as many people as possible. With our cars, we want to thrill our customers, enrich their lives and enable individual mobility for millions of customers throughout the world. The new Volkswagen focuses not on our cars but,

much more than before, on people, our customers and their mobility experience.

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