WorldHotels™ Launches WorldHotels Crafted Collection

Singapore (March 30, 2021) – WorldHotels announces the official launch of its newest collection of hotels: WorldHotels Crafted Collection. Created last year, the collection now comes to life with a portfolio of specially curated and immersive independent hotels and resorts across the globe.

“We announced this new collection just weeks before the world was ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said David Kong, President and Chief Executive Officer of WorldHotels. “Despite the tremendous challenges that our hotels and industry have faced over the last year, Crafted Collection is quickly becoming one of the most authentic, daring and spirited collections of independent hotels around the globe.”

“Crafted is not just another lifestyle brand; it is a new generation of lifestyle hotels made for a new generation of travellers that crave creativity, immersive experiences, great design, and ingenuity,” said Gregory Habeeb, President of WorldHotels, North America. “Each hotel provides seamless, humble and expert service that creates an emotional connection with the guests, reminding guests why they love to travel.”

WorldHotels Crafted Collection is launching with a portfolio of properties in key markets across the globe, notably the first Crafted Collection hotels include: